Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Campus Tour Aug. 2009

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Western's Vice-Provost, John Doerksen, President & Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Amit Chakma, Vice-President Resources & Operations, Gitta Kulzcycki, and Associate Vice-President Communications & Public Affairs, Helen Connell take an intimate tour of campus.

The group travelled to all corners of the campus to discovered some of the unique features of Western's property.

Physical Plant's Grounds Manager, Jim Galbraith (hidden by the tree) led the tour and provided some great historical info, introducing the group to some of the lesser known spots on campus. Here he shows off some of the recent upgrades to the Althouse College courtyard.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two wheelin' in the Power Plant

Power Plant Bikes
Originally uploaded by Brandon Watson
An intiative to increase travel time on campus provided Physical Plant's Power Plant with a 'green' solution. Three bikes were purchased for general maintenance and service calls.

Pictured: Operators Iain Findlater and Simon Baarbe participate in cycle safety training offered by campus police.

Get the full story in the PPD News (page 5): www.uwo.ca/ppd/documentation/ppdnews_may09_webversion.pdf

Getting the new program on its feet

For Physical Plant, there is more to enhancing the recycling program than just modeling it after the municipal service. An education iniative that is currenlty underway includes the revision, production and installation of new signage for each and every blue bin on campus.

Darren Jones, Physical Plant Sheet Metal Mechanic, has fabricated dozens of brackets to frame some of the larger recycling decals for the wheeled blue bin. From his shop the signs will be collected and hung on bins around campus by Recycling Driver, Keith Arnold.

The mid-sized blue bins (generally found in hallways) will feature updated decals, as well. Caretaking Services and the grounds summer students will be applying those over the next few weeks.

By the end of the summer, most of the nearly 1000 bins on campus will feature the new program information.

For more information on the new program, check out the Western News article; http://communications.uwo.ca/com/western_news/stories/western_adopts_london's_recycling_model_20090723444615/