Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Essentials

The Essentials
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While many of us are taking cover at home, Physical Plant essential service staff are braving the weather.

For example, here are the Physical Plant Caretaking staff that provided essential service to Saugeen-Maitland Hall on Dec. 7. They are (from left to right) Michael Barnes, John Wass, Phyllis Decker, Bozena Szyszka, Patricia Martin, and Chris McCann. Also, Justin Alder who was absent from the photo.

Photo by Phil Howell.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Trees Trees Trees

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In an increased effort to plant native, hearty trees on campus, the grounds crew at Physical Plant has been busy this fall installing Pin Oaks, Red Maples and more.

Soon, visitors will see dozens of semi-mature trees being added to the landscape (see below for location).

The initial plan was to line Western road (adjacent to the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel) with the new trees, but buried utility lines put the kibosh on it.

According to supervisor of Grounds, Jim Galbraith, it doesn't matter too much where they go, any new trees are always a welcome sight.

Larger, more mature trees are selected over seedling/saplings to give them a greater chance of survival in the first few years.

New Trees on Campus (25):
Malus "Madonna" (2) – Elborn College
Malus Profusion (3) – Elborn College, Chemistry Lot
Acer Rubrum Embers (2) – Gibbons Lodge
Acer saccharum Majesty (1) – Gibbons Lodge
Acer saccharum "Majesty" (5) – Engineering Buildings, Gibbons Lodge
Acer rubrum October Glory (1) – Engineering Buildings
Amelanchier "Cumulus" (3) – Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
Quercus Bicolor (1) – Staging Building
Quercus palustris (1) – Staging Building
Acer Truncatum (1) – Visual Arts Lot
Ginkgo Biloba (1) – Physics and Astronomy Building
Carpinus caroliniana (1) – Siebens Drake RI
Acer rubrum Brandywine (3) – Western Daycare

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Boards Launch

Green Boards Launch
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Supervisor of Grounds and Waste, Jim Galbraith and President, Dr. Amit Chakma showcase Physical Plant's new 'low-tech' communication tool.

The bulletin boards, aptly called the Green Boards, are being deployed on campus to bring greater awareness to Western's recycling program.

The President's Office recycling station is the location for the first board, while the remaining 80+ boards on campus will soon be adorned with similar postings.

In keeping the boards themselves sustainable, the postings are printed on FSC paper and will be reused/recycled through the UTOSS and recycling program.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Go 'Stangs

Go 'Stangs
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Power Plant Supervisor, Mike Herman seized the moment when it came time to repaint the vertical doors at the heating plant.

In recognition of Western's top-notch athletics programs, the blank canvas became a beacon of Western's Purple Pride.

Mustang athletes came by to see for themselves.

From left to right; Soccer stars Emily Maganja, Christina Fric and Sarah Ogle; hockey stars Adam Nemeth and Kyle Lamb

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Sweet Leaf

Physical Plant got its United Fundraising underway by hosting a tea party in the atrium of Support Services Building.

Volunteer and Physical Plant painter, Warren Meadows and Bridget Johnson from Steeped Tea provided a free taste and took a number of orders - a portion of each order will be donated to the United Way.

If you were unable to attend this week’s event – not to worry – we have other dates set aside for sampling;
Wed. October 13 – 11am to 1pm – Support Services Building Atrium
Thurs. October 21 – 11am to 1pm – Support Services Building Atrium
Thurs. October 28 – 11am to 1pm – Support Services Building Atrium

For more information on the United Way, please visit Western’s dedicated website;

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Barrier-free access

Barrier-free access
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Brightly coloured red and yellow tactile concrete sidewalk transitions are appearing all over campus.

Physical Plant Project Administrator, Craig Fellner is overseeing a number of accessibility enhancements to Western's built environment.

Check out the Gazette story:

Check out the Western News story:

For more information on Western's Accessibility, check out the website:

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Western's Carbon Footprint

What is Western's carbon footprint?

Physical Plant Environmental Coordinators, Mary Lopez and Syed Zaidi will host a discussion on Western's Greenhouse Gas report.

The pair has spent the summer quantifying the University's carbon footprint and have produced a comprehensive overview of their findings.

The presentation is open to the public - all are welcome.

If you go;
Greenhouse Gas Inventory Presentation
University Community Centre, Rm. 37
August 12, 2010 : 11:15am - 12:30pm
Food will be served

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stan is Excellent

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Western Award of Excellence nominator Dr. Henry Meredith and recipient, Stanislaw Szapiel.

Stanislaw is a caretaker working in the Music Building who, according to Dr. Meredith, is "our caretaker, our janitor, our friend."

Come out and support Stanislaw at the Western Award of Excellence gala in the Great Hall on February 16.