Monday, November 22, 2010

Trees Trees Trees

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In an increased effort to plant native, hearty trees on campus, the grounds crew at Physical Plant has been busy this fall installing Pin Oaks, Red Maples and more.

Soon, visitors will see dozens of semi-mature trees being added to the landscape (see below for location).

The initial plan was to line Western road (adjacent to the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel) with the new trees, but buried utility lines put the kibosh on it.

According to supervisor of Grounds, Jim Galbraith, it doesn't matter too much where they go, any new trees are always a welcome sight.

Larger, more mature trees are selected over seedling/saplings to give them a greater chance of survival in the first few years.

New Trees on Campus (25):
Malus "Madonna" (2) – Elborn College
Malus Profusion (3) – Elborn College, Chemistry Lot
Acer Rubrum Embers (2) – Gibbons Lodge
Acer saccharum Majesty (1) – Gibbons Lodge
Acer saccharum "Majesty" (5) – Engineering Buildings, Gibbons Lodge
Acer rubrum October Glory (1) – Engineering Buildings
Amelanchier "Cumulus" (3) – Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
Quercus Bicolor (1) – Staging Building
Quercus palustris (1) – Staging Building
Acer Truncatum (1) – Visual Arts Lot
Ginkgo Biloba (1) – Physics and Astronomy Building
Carpinus caroliniana (1) – Siebens Drake RI
Acer rubrum Brandywine (3) – Western Daycare

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