Friday, September 22, 2017

National Forest Week: Planting 150 maples on campus

Western’s Landscape Services team is planting one tree for each one of Canada’s birthdays.

Beginning the same week as National Forest Week (September 25-29), the first batch of the 150 trees will find a new home on campus. The young trees, all varieties of Maple, are a mix of heights and diameters.

 “Trees of varying maturity provide more flexibility when planting and will enhance sustained growth,” says Mike Lunau, Manager, Landscape Services. “They will be spread throughout campus for everyone to enjoy over the years." 

Landscape Services will be transplanting the larger trees. Using specialized heavy equipment to dig and to load trees with bulkier, more developed root systems. Many of these trees will be planted around TD Stadium.

For planting the smaller Maples, Landscape Services will be joined by student-led EnviroWestern and the Ivey Sustainability Club. This batch will be spread throughout Western's more naturalized areas, integrating with our established wooded areas.

"It is great to have the support of our student groups," says Mike. "Our campus is built on the combined efforts of those that work and study here - this is a prime example of that."


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